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The Techno Centre has a host of facilities that are designed and equipped to support its cutting-edge work in different domains and industries.

List of Equipment

  • 3D Printer- DIVIDE BY ZERO-Aion 500 Product
  • 3D Printer- HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D Printer
  • 3D Scanner- ZEISS COMET : 3D Scanning with Blue LED Fringe Projection
  • Low Speed Wind Tunnel
  • High Speed Wind Tunnel
  • Steam turbine test rig
  • WREN Gas Turbine
  • Micro Aircraft Laboratory
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (COXEM EM-30AX)
  • Sputter Coating Unit
  • Chemical Vapour Deposition Unit
  • Physical Vapour Deposition Unit (Sputter Coater)
  • Adhesion Tester
  • High Temperature Furnace- Gas Controlled
  • Computerized Digital Universal testing machine
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Portable surface roughness tester
  • Profile Projector
  • Tool Room Microscope
  • Motorized Gyroscope apparatus
  • Dynamic balancing apparatus
  • Cam analysis apparatus
  • Universal vibration test apparatus
  • NI Data Acquisition System with Noise, Vibration and Acceleration Sensors