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The Techno Centre has a host of facilities that are designed and equipped to support its cutting-edge work in different domains and industries.


  1. Mechanical and Manufacturing Laboratories
  2. Electronics and Communication Engineering Laboratories
  3. Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering Laboratories
  4. Digital Studio – PG (PACE)
  5. Ergonomic Laboratory
  6. Physical Model Studio
  7. Concept Studio

Mechanical Workshop

  1. Metal Joining
  2. Sheet Metal
  3. Fitting Shop
  4. Wood Working
  5. Machine Shop
  6. CNC Shop
  7. Wire EDM Machine

PCB Design & Development Lab 

  1. PCB Artwork Film Maker (NV180)
  2. PCB Shearing Machine (NV182)
  3. UV Exposure Unit (NV184)
  4. PCB Etching Machine (NV187)
  5. Non-Contact Type Vibration measurement System- Laser Doppler Unit