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New Product Design and Development

Your ideas. Our expertise. And the products of the future

For several organizations, product design and development can be an arduous task that is fraught with challenges at every stage. If the ideas exist, the expertise might not. Where the expertise does, the time and infrastructure may not. 

We, at the Techno Centre, are committed to bringing your potentially world-changing ideas to life. 

From conceptualization to market surveys, from design to fabrication, and from tests and certification to manufacturing, we offer organisations a comprehensive product design and development experience. 

In keeping with RUAS’s multidisciplinary approach, our team of experts from across different sectors come together to develop products that could hold the key to resolving some of the most complex challenges of our times. By applying their learnings from different fields of study and by drawing from their rich experience, the TCE team creates products that meet the client’s requirements of form, function, aesthetics, and budget. 

These products are also put through rigorous testing and iterations to ensure that they meet high-quality standards.

Over the years, the Centre has built everything from simple, more effective toilet brushes, to environment-friendly biomass stoves, automotive shock absorbers and torque converters. 

Services Offered

Product Conceptualization

Inputs from clients on the nature of the product and its expected function are used to conduct brainstorming sessions and market surveys that ultimately lead to concept notes for viable product ideas. 

Rapid Prototyping

3D prototypes of products and their parts are undertaken to test — and improve on — their efficiency before mass production. 

Model Creation

TCE creates 3D models, clay models and foam models of the products to test and demonstrate various aspects of its usability and function. 

Reverse Engineering

The deconstruction of existing products and tools to understand their design, architecture, function, and form, is undertaken by TCE as a part of its reverse engineering services. 

Manufacturing Drawings

As a part of its end-to-end product design and development services, TCE also offers manufacturing drawings that outline how the product must be created and rolled out in large numbers at industrial manufacturing units. 

Our Projects

  • Development of Magnetorheological Mounts
  • Design and Development of Automated Lifting Mechanism
  • Geometric Design of Components for CLI Phone
  • Concept Generation and 3D Modeling of Electronic Enclosure
  • Reverse Engineering Gear Shaft and Heads
  • Reverse Engineering of Live Line Detector Unit
  • Fabrication of Semi-Active Suspension for Vehicle (SUV)
  • 3D Printing of Bionic Hand
  • 3D Printing of Remote Housing for ALM

Our Process

Our Clients

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    Defence Research and Development Organisation

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    Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

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