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E-Med/ Biomedical System Design

Creating a healthier world for all, one innovation at a time

As with other industries and domains, technology has revolutionized the world of medicine. Every aspect – from diagnosis to management and treatment — has improved by leaps and bounds. Healthcare providers are now able to make more accurate diagnosis and offer more effective treatment plans thereby improving patient care, quality of life, and, by extension, the health of communities. 

The Engineering and Medical Centre (E‑Med) is dedicated to the creation and development of medical simulations and biomedical products. Established with the aim of providing high quality, affordable healthcare solutions to all, the Centre leverages its expertise and resources to resolve the challenges facing medicine and healthcare today. From conceptualisation and design to development and commercialisation — every step of the process is conducted in strict adherence with regulatory requirements. This ensures the safety, quality, and efficacy of all products, guaranteeing medical and market success. 

Services Offered

Design and Analysis of Biomechanical Systems

Human factors engineering as well as human-centred industrial and digital design are integrated into fully functional, single systems suitable for engineering evaluation. 

Development of Biomedical Devices

We undertake the development of biomedical devices like patient health monitoring systems, surgical devices, healthcare mobile apps and software, image processing techniques and algorithms for medical applications, drug delivery systems, etc. 

Our Projects

  • Design and Development of Hemi Pelvis Joint
  • Development of ARM 9 based ECG Monitoring System
  • Design and Development of Haemostatic Drug Delivery System
  • Design and Development of Multi Degree Bionic Hand

Our Process

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