The Techno Centre – Engineering works across various industries and domains. However, over the years, a concerted effort has been made to develop expertise and resources in four key areas. 

New Product Design and Development

The Techno Centre offers comprehensive product design and development services, beginning from conceptualization and market surveys to design and fabrication and even manufacturing. We also conduct rapid prototyping, model creation, and reverse engineering services. 

Engineering Design and Analysis

A multidisciplinary approach is adopted to solve the complex engineering challenges of the day. Among the services offered are finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, multibody dynamics solutions, electronics system cooling analysis, weight optimization, manufacturing simulation, and vibration testing.

Electronic System Development

We offer customised electronic system solutions to businesses and organisations, and help them provide technologically advanced products and services. In addition to embedded programming, hardware design and development, and electronic product design and development, we also have services that deal with data management software development, circuit simulation and testing, and application software development. 

E-Med/ Biomedical System Design

Services like design and analysis of biomechanical systems as well as development of biomedical devices help the Centre channel its efforts towards innovations designed to improve the world of healthcare and medicine.