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Engineering Design and Analysis

Engineering innovation for a better tomorrow

Engineering design and analysis goes beyond just the ideation and creation of a good product. It looks, instead, at solving complex engineering problems using novel ideas.

Our solutions are reached by adopting a multidisciplinary approach that draws from the learnings of various fields. The products are put through a host of tests and analysis to ensure they meet the necessary requirements, to identify possible room for improvement, enhance efficiency and reduce wastefulness all while being cost-effective.

Using stress and fatigue analysis, we are able to prevent, correct and solve possible structural issues in products. Finite element analysis, multibody dynamics solutions and weight optimization help us zero in on the optimal design. Manufacturing simulation, on the other hand, helps us streamline large scale production processes to ensure minimum wastage of resources and maximum productivity. 

Our team of experienced engineers employ a detail-oriented approach to service and are experts in the fields of aerostructures and gas turbines, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), energy, automotive and manufacturing. 

Services Offered

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis helps to foresee possible complications and predict failures in the areas of structural analysis, heat transfer, mass transport, fluid flow, and electromagnetic potential. This improves the efficiency of the product and reduces manufacturing costs.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

A crucial part of product design, Computational Fluid Dynamics is a time- and cost-saving method of analysis that uses computational models, numerical analysis and data structures to understand the fluid flow and the interaction of the same through the object it flows through. 

Multibody Dynamics Solutions

Simulations are conducted of complex systems that consist of rigid and flexible structures to understand motion analysis, and to test performance, safety and comfort.

Electronics System Cooling Analysis

Thermal management, despite notable progress in the field, continues to remain a significant challenge in the creation and design of products. We offer integrated cooling solutions for a wide range of electronic applications from individual and printed circuit boards to data centres. 

Weight Optimization

Products are analysed to understand their application and material choices are reconsidered. High strength materials are leveraged to provide a weight optimum solution that does not compromise on structural integrity.

Manufacturing Simulation

Computer modelling and statistical analysis are used to determine the most efficient systems and processes of manufacturing. Emphasis is laid on minimizing wastage of resources and materials, while potential bottlenecks and hurdles are addressed to improve timeframes and costs. 

Vibration Testing

The strength, durability, and reliability of created products are rigorously tested through vibration tests. 

Our Projects

  • Automotive Torque Converter Design Code Development
  • Design Improvement and Standardization of Belt Conveyors and Belt Feeders
  • Design of Hydraulic-assisting Platform for Tilting a Container
  • Design of Thermal Printer
  • Concept Design and 3D Modelling of Electronic Enclosures and Mounting with Pan and Tilt Mechanism
  • Finite Element Analysis of a Spacecraft Structure
  • Finite Element Analysis of Exhaust Casing of a Steam Turbine
  • CFD Analysis of Torque Converter Assembly
  • Thermal Analysis of ATR
  • Kinematic Analysis of a Conveyor System
  • Noise Measurements at Foundry Shop Floor

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