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Electronic System Development

Connecting clients to the electronic innovations they need

Today, technology is an integral part of almost every single human activity — whether it is something as simple as walking or something as complex as buying a house. Businesses too are waking up to this realization and are making concrete efforts to integrate technology and, by extension, electronic systems at different customer touchpoints. Organisations are also using electronic systems to improve efficiency, productivity and solve challenges specific to their area of work.

The demand for customised electronic system solutions, therefore, is on the rise. And we, at Ramaiah Techno Centre, are poised to meet it. Built over several years of hard work, our expertise can help guide business and organisations, and offer them products and solutions that not only meet their requirements but also place them ahead of the curve.

Services Offered

Embedded Programmeming

Embedded programming refers to the programming of a product whose software and hardware is intrinsically linked. These are often customer-facing solutions that are designed to solve specific problems and that offer real-time outputs. 

Hardware Design and Development

In some cases, software development needs to be supported by complementing hardware. We undertake the design and development of hardware that is not only sturdy and reliable, but is also best suited to meet the requirements of the software. 

Electronic Product Design and Development

From conceptualization and research to circuit designing, prototyping and manufacturing, our end-to-end design and development service gives you the chance to develop electronic products specific to your needs.

Data Management Software Development

We design and develop software that not only ensures accurate collection of data, but also meets your requirements of accessibility and availability.

Circuit Simulation and Testing

Our automation services allow us to simulate the behaviour of a circuit before building it, thus giving us a chance to evaluate its design efficiency and make the changes necessary to improve productivity. 

Application Software Development

From apps that seek to address a specific business problem to those that enable testing and quality assurance, we offer a wide range of customizations with our software development service. 

Key Project Deliverables

Our Projects

  • Train Actuated Warning Device
  • Development of Robotic Arm for Coconut Harvester Machine
  • Development of Electronic Steering System — EPAS
  • Development of Android OS-based Home Automation Products
  • Development of Optical Character Recognition Algorithm
  • Development of Vision-based Obstacle Avoidance System for MAV and UGV
  • Torque Converter Software Code Development
  • Wireless Video Interface to Wearable Computer for Round the Corner Firing Applications

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